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Servientrega International is a leading company in logistics and communication services with the purpose to provide solutions in shipping and handling of documents and parcels to individuals and small, medium and large companies.

Servientrega Internacional

Servientrega internacional

Offers to its clients logistic solutions, handling, transporting and shipping of packages and documents door to door within the United States, from and to Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Dominican Republic, including other destinations worldwide.

Servientrega Internacional Mision


Our mission is to fulfill and satisfy our clients in the services of the logistics and communications, through the excellence in customer service and the continue progress in growing as well expanding all over the world.

Servientrega Internacional vision


Our purpose is to be a leading company in logistics and communication services for our clients in trust, coverage and liability in the USA and competitive presence worldwide.

Servientrega Internacional politica de calidad

quality policies

Quality standards are ensured in the logistics and communication processes, with a talented, trained and committed team to process their tasks with the standards and politics already established by Servientrega International.

Historia Servientrega Internacional


Servientrega began as a family project, which became a reality on November 29, 1982. After an incredible growth and acceptance from its community in Colombia, it became the most important company specializing in shipping and delivery of documents nationally in Colombia. Now with a presence in United States, it's continuing to grow and serve more destinations and locations.


By managing a system called "Model S", we are always thinking about evolving.  Servientrega Corporation continues to deliver quality in all aspects and progress for its clients and the world.

We offer to our customers the logistic solutions for the handling, transport and shipment of packages within the United States and to Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Panama and other destinations, delivering them to home address or office.

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