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Servientrega International Inc. is authorized to provide export services for commercial and industrial goods from the US to any country Freight Forwarder .


Our services include land, sea and air cargo service, inventory management, warehousing and supply chain management . Our organization is authorized and certified by governmental organizations in the United States such as the TSA and CBP, ensuring safety and effectiveness in handling the load.


air cargo

We provide air transport services for the following types of cargo : bulk cargo , pallet cargo , container cargo, air transport for oversized cargo and ULD .

We have the best delivery times in the market, our strategic location in the city of Doral allows us to load shipments quickly and safely with delivery in most countries such as the United States, Asia, and Europe.

sea cargo

Our ocean freight service is the perfect tool for cargo transportation in large volumes and flexible delivery times. We can handle consolidated containers, full containers and car shipping cargo or heavy machinery.

terrestrial cargo

As part of the services Servientrega offers, we provide pickup and delivery of cargo to and from anywhere in the United States either for delivery to suppliers or customers.

Customs in Colombia and other countries in our network destination

We provide consulting services for customs import and export cargo to and from Colombia, as well as most countries in our network. We have specialized personnel with extensive experience in the branch staff, commercial and industrial load, which facilitates transportation and timely delivery of your merchandise.


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