I hereby authorize Servientrega International Inc. to review the contents of my shipments in its sole discretion in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations CFR 49 and because Servientrega is an IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) regulated by the Department of Transportation Security (TSA). I agree that Servientrega can refuse my shipment at its discretion at the time or after acceptance if you see items such as medical supplies, jewelry, clothing and / or military shoes, guns or war toys, pornography, money or securities, used parts, anything contaminated with fuel, narcotic substances, compressed gases, explosives, incendiary materials, flammable substances and / or other destructive substances, security camera systems, seeds, meats, cheeses and other animal products not canned pet food, articles of witchcraft. I hereby declare under oath that the description and declared the items to be transported by Servientrega values correspond to the truth and are objects of lawful commerce. Servientrega International Inc. as my agent Transporter is responsible for the items described accepted and recognized that stated, freight and taxes if there was total loss value. In the case of damages to the contents, I agree that an investigation can last up to 30 days and whose final outcome will determine whether the damage is recognized is performed. I agree that no complaints will be accepted in case of partial loss. I AGREE THAT ALL CLAIMS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING WITHIN 72 HOURS AFTER RECEIVED THE CHARGE AND NO CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT TIME. I Acknowledge that I am responsible for the proper packaging of the items I 'm sending. I agree that Servientrega will not recognize damaged to fragile items, as they do not go in their original factory packaging suitable for transport as well Servientrega ensures no glass, crystal, porcelain and works of art . I agree that Servientrega is NOT LIABLE FOR MERCHANDISE NOT STATED OR ANY PROHIBITED ITEM TRANSPORTATION. I agree that Customs in the destination country may revalue pay taxes or hold my shipment if you find discrepancies between the statements and the physical content or differences between the declared value and the market value. I accept shipments in commercial quantities or misreporting may lead retention customs without repayment or mode change. If I authorize retention Servientrega to submit to the Customs export documents. Servientrega is not responsible for the time it takes the process to the Customs or for final decision issued. I relay of the responsibility of Servientrega for delays in delivery of my shipment because DELAY IN CUSTOMS, HOLIDAYS, STRIKES, DAMAGE TO ROADS AND NATURAL, unfortunate, unexpected, OR fortuitous events .

We offer to our customers the logistic solutions for the handling, transport and shipment of packages within the United States and to Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Panama and other destinations, delivering them to home address or office.

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