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Face the mass exodus through shipments to your relatives

09 Aug

Face the mass exodus through shipments to your relatives

Face the mass exodus through shipments to your relatives

People who leave their home country usually do so to find better opportunities, but there is something that never comes out of their head: the welfare of their family in the country they are leaving.

Those who emigrate, are usually young people who have the conditions or risk to find a better job, not only for their own welfare, but to be able to send gifts and basic products to their family.

The Latin community in the United States always watches over those who stayed in their country of origin, and that is why it is very common to send food, seasonal gifts, clothing, technological gadgets and even sweets and cosmetics.

Sending packages is a way to stay connected

There are millions of Latins in the United States, they are from the communities that send the most packages to South America.

The reason for this situation, is not because they are a group of people with a lot of money, it is that they have had to face adversities in life that makes them constantly seek a connection with their family.

And this connection often can not be maintained by telephone only; sending a photograph or a voice note for WhatsApp makes the recipients very happy, but much more pleasant and beneficial is receiving packages from the United States.

It is no secret that many Latin countries have difficulty accessing certain products and accessories, almost all are cases of products that can be found in the US without greater complexity.

Much of the shipments that are made from the US to South America include medicines and clothing.

Many people prefer to send packages with purchases already made, because depending on the country of origin, there may be many limitations for receiving and sending remittances. A very efficient solution is to make the purchase in the US and send it directly to wherever you want.

Throughout the year, the delivery of packages is fluid, but it is usually doubled during the Christmas season when summer arrives.

A service that is increasing

In the United States there are more than 50 million Hispanics, and this number is increasing over the years despite the harsh immigration policies of recent governments.

The bulk of shipments from this country are destined for Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuba and Colombia.

Because of the different political and economic conditions of each nation, the sending of remittances to them still exists, but it is less and less used due to the high cost of this service and the taxes of sending, processing and accepting the money.

Sending packages to South America has become an activity of vital importance for the Latino community for these reasons, in addition, Hispanics are very aware of the joy of receiving a new package.

The feeling of surprise and longing is difficult to explain, regardless of who sent the package, it is a sign that the one who has left is watching those who do not, and that despite the distance, the link is still alive.

What do Latins send the most?

We already mentioned some very common products in this type of shipments, but we would like to delve a bit more into the subject, because the real Latino community is an interesting consumer.

Those who make the shipments declare that in their packages there is a bit of everything; There are usually different shipments according to themes, but for times.

For example, it is very common for children to send gifts during the summer, especially toys, books and school supplies.

While at Christmas, they are usually sent from toys to cosmetics, the reason is that Latin women tend to take great care of their personal image, so sending makeup and personal care products is an excellent shipment.

They also usually send clothing, as the Latin community loves to release clothing at this time. It is a very ingrained habit.

In addition, they are avid fans of technology, so it is not surprising if many shipments to LATAM are loaded with televisions, kitchen appliances, smartphones, tablets, and more.

During the rest of the year, products are usually sent a little more basic, such as medicines, sweets, and small gifts for birthdays, graduations, celebrations of quinceañeras, etc.

In essence, Latins are a very important group in terms of international shipments. At least once a month they make a shipment to their family in South America, and it is a practice that is not decreasing in numbers.

We hope that in the near future, in fact, they will continue to increase while sending remittances continues to exist, but being less preferred than direct shipments to their homes with everything their family needs.