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Solve doubts about your shipments.

If after consulting our Network of agencies in the United States you can not find a fence we offer you a solution with our Clubox International Locker service. Enter here for more information. Frequently Asked Questions

Our company has experience in handling international shipments. Contact us to our line 786 3319001 in EEUU or 1 4320543 in Bogotá, Colombia and we will put at your disposal a commercial facilitator to meet your needs.

Requirements for cell phone shipments:
  1. A single cellphone per box.
  2. Cell phone must only go with its accessories, if it has them (Charger, hands-free, case).
  3. It must come in the name of the person who will use it in Colombia (Important to inform the sender to avoid apprehensions)
  4. You must have both the box label and the guide:
    • Cell phone brand
    • Model
    • IMEI number
    • Tariff heading: 8517120000
  5. Fractional shipments can not come within the same master and / or consolidated guide. That is, the same sender can not send to several recipients and vice versa.
Payment of taxes:

If the cell phone costs less or up to 200 USD, it is exempt from taxes. More than 200 USD cancels 19% VAT.

Note: The lack of any of this information may cause apprehension.

They are harmful materials that during manufacturing, handling, transportation, storage or use; can generate or release dust, fumes, gases, liquids, vapors or infectious fibers, irritant, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, asphyxiating, toxic, dangerous or ionizing radiation in amounts that may affect the health of people who come into contact with these and / or that cause material damage.

In the countries of the Andean Pact, we have direct presence and we have the most extensive Network of Solution Centers. Worldwide we reach more than 265,000 destinations in 207 countries.

All shipments must comply with the minimum packaging and packing conditions to be transported and distributed. These are listed below:

  1. The packaging must be completely sealed.
  2. Your content must be identified with the sender and recipient information. (Names, Address and Telephone).
  3. Must carry pictograms according to the conditions of handling and transport.
  4. It must be identified with the guide.
  5. The packaging must have a size according to the dimensions, weight, design and degree of fragility of the product to be transported.
  6. Depending on the destination you must comply with the customs conditions of the country. (Consult delivery conditions by destination).

Packing: process by which protection is provided to an item or article using different materials to ensure its conservation over time and distance.

Packaging: process by means of which a previously packaged element is externally protected, facilitating its handling, transport and storage during its physical distribution.

If you have any other questions please write to us at escríbenos a contacto@servientrega.us