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How stimulating is receiving packages?

09 Aug

How stimulating is receiving packages?

How stimulating is receiving packages?

People who are outside their country, regardless of the reasons, usually have a busy life and rarely during the day they stop to think about something other than work or away from their current life.

However, this does not mean that they leave their family aside, on the contrary, they always look for ways to be in contact and to know about their own.

Despite this, the challenges of settling in a new place and getting a new job are not lived by the family of the migrant, so they spend more time thinking about how they are doing, if they are eating at their hours, if they are doing well. , etc.

A good way to maintain the connection with the family despite the distance is the sending of packages.

Why is it so important to send packages to the family?

A WhatsApp call, a photo, or a voice note rejoice the heart of those who stayed in the country of origin, but imagine the joy and surprise that an unexpected package arrives in your name.

Those first minutes of curiosity, confusion and joy to know what is inside, at what time you sent it, and when at the end everyone meets to open it up as a family, each one takes a bit of affection from wherever you are.

Latins in the United States are from the communities that send the most to South America, and an interesting aspect is that, although the distance is large, the packages at the end of the month are never lacking.

And not to mention those special occasions, the shipments are doubled in summer and Christmas, it's time to pamper the family a little more.

In addition, many Latin countries go through various political and economic difficulties that makes it impossible to maintain a rhythm of daily life, so receiving constant shipments with basic products and gifts not only makes them smile, it helps them to make ends meet.

Who benefits most from the shipments?

In reality, there is no single beneficiary when sending, on the one hand the sender seeks to keep alive the connection with family and friends in the country of origin, and the best way to do this is by sending small monthly details such as sweets or basic products.

This type of shipments usually does not exceed two kilos, since they are regular shipments and Latins prefer to leave the heavier loads for festive times, such as Christmas.

In the other hand, the recipient of the package not only receives a product, receives a hug, a gesture of affection, a reminder that he is not alone and that he will always have someone to take care of him no matter the distance.

A package in our days, is no longer simply a package. The meaning of it has mutated, these shipments are hope, joy, memories, longings and the strengthening of a bond.

Shipping at Christmas

The Latin community stands out for being very aware of their family, especially during the Christmas season.

It is in December when the shipments are tripled, in terms of weight and quantity. It is time to send toys to children, clothing, makeup, chocolates and many more details that in the country of origin can not be achieved easily or it is much more expensive.

There is still the diatribe between sending packages or remittances, but every year more people are preferring to send the products already purchased instead of sending them money.

The main reason is that many Latin countries have several difficulties to accept remittances, for example Mexico and Venezuela have more and more taxes and legislations on this issue that make it difficult to send money to family members.

For this reason, people living in the United States find it much easier to buy Christmas gifts for the whole family and send them directly instead of sending money and they decide.

It would be ideal for them to be with the person to do the shopping, but while the distance still exists, international shipments to South America will be there as a tool to shorten it.

Another interesting buying season for Latins is the arrival of summer; At that time they make more shipments, but not as much as at Christmas.

According to some customers, they take advantage of this time to send school supplies, sweets and games for children during their vacations.

In this way they can enjoy their free time and return to classes with all the necessary accessories.